PT Asian Hybrid Seeds Technologies Indonesia corn seeds production and processing starts by planting the male and female parent seedsin order to produce varieties. Parent seeds are planted with strict quality standards so that the variety produced will have very high genetic purity and uniformity.

Harvest will pass through a series of weighing and sorting before it enters into the dryer. Drying process is conducted carefully, with the help of electronical and computerized control in order to be certain that the drying standards such as temperature, air flow and moisture contentare appropriate with the quality standards so that the seed germination, vigor and storability will be achieved as desired.

Special handling is also conducted during shelling process so that the grain would not have any mechanical damage which will result to a decrease in its quality. Moreover to ensure cleanliness and physical uniformity, the next process is grading and cleaning before the seeds aretreated with chemicals and dye to keep the seed quality stay good at storage and also to provide initial protection for the grains during planting. All process follows the highest standard and is strictly supervised by the quality assurance team. All process is conducted and documented based on the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

“All process is supervised with high standard by a special quality assurance team.”