Group : Single Cross Hybrid
Plant Height : 255
Yield : 70%
Yield Potential per Hectare : 10 MT
Local Adaptation : Low land and marginal land
Harvesting Time : 105-110 days adter planting
Season : All season
Corn Husk : Completely closed
Kernel Colour : Orange


-> Adaptable in any condition

-> Cob rot and fungus resistant

-> Durable storability

Pack size : 1 kg and 5 kg



I started to plant corn since around 2000 and I tried Nusantara a long time ago, when there was a government program for Nusantara where the government gave free seeds. Nusantara has a big corn cob, very affordable price, can be planted in marginal lands and has orange colour kernel. My farmer friends like it, if it is not Nusantara, they would not plant any corn. Yono – Kalibaru village, kalibaru sub district, Banyuwangi.
I have planted corn for 23 years. I like to plant Nusantara Baru because it has economical price and the AHSTI agronomists serve us well. The difference between Nusantara Baru and other productsis that Nusantara Baru has a high yield, wide soil adaptability, and it is also fertilizer saving especially for urea. The sold crop yield also has higher price compared with other product since it has orange color and have high recovery. I suggest to all farmers to not hesitate to buy AHSTI’s product. As long as I plant Nusantara Baru, I have not found any difficulties and the crop yield is high.Husen – Kalenglor village, Kedopok sub district, Probolinggo.