Group : Single Cross Hybrid
Plant Height : 255
Yield : 70-73%
Yield Potential per Hectare (Grain) : 11-12,8 MT
Local Adaptation : Low and marginal land
Harvesting Time : 104 days after planting
Season : Rainy and dry season
Corn Husk : Completely Closed
Kernel Colour : Yellow Orange


-> Adaptable in any condition

-> Lodging and disease resistant

-> Good storability

Pack size 1 kg and 5 kg



I plant Nusantara 1 because it has orange colored kernels which is suitable for chicken food therefore it is easier for me to sell my harvest to corn collectors with a good price.Triman, Playen, GunungKidul
I plant Nusantara 1 because the price is cheaper than other seeds but the yield is the same with other seeds so that I have got benefit from the cost margin. Nusantara 1 can be planted in any land like field, rice field, and mountainous area.Agus, Kocikkan Village, South Sulawesi