Sweetness : 15 Brix
Storability : 3-5 days after harvest (corn husk stay complete
Harvesting Time : 68-72 days after planting
Weight per Cob : 350-400 gram
Local Adaptation : Middle and Low land (Excellent) & High Land (Good)
Kernel Colour : Fresh Yellow
Seeds per 250 gram pack : 1750-1800 Kernels


-> Very good grain filling (Full Tip)

-> High Recovery and High Yield

-> Super Sweet and stays sweet and fresh after days of harvest

-> stay green leaves



I have planted Asian Honey since 2013. I like to plant it because it is cheaper yet the quality is high,downey mildew resistant, and my customers like it because it can be stored for long and stays fresh and it’s super sweet. Asian honey has short harvest time too.Harni – Desa Cedak dawan, Kec. Gejer
I have already planted Asian Honey twice. There are traders who are very interested in buying the yield of Asian Honey so I do not have a problem on where to sell my yield. The important thing is it has faster harvest time so I can get my benefit faster too.Yosi – Kalibaru Wetan Village, Kalibaru Sub district, Banyuwangi
I like to let my farmers plant Asian Honey because when I process it, it has a high recovery and it’s very easy to shell. The size of the cob is just right and the quality of the grain is very good. I can store it and it can stay fresh for nearly 5 days. That is the only sweet corn variety that is like that that is why I like to use it.Agen from West Java