Group : Single Cross Hybrid
Plant Height : 255
Yield : 78%
Yield Potential per Hectare (Grain) : 10-11 MT
Local Adaptation : Low, Middle and High Land
Harvesting Time : 105-110 days after planting
Season : All seasons
Corn Husk : Completely closed
Kernel Colour : Orange


-> Adaptable in any condition

-> Downey mildew, rot stem and leaf stain resistant

-> Very good storability

-> Lodging resistant



I have planted corn since 2005 and I have planted Asia Gold three times. Asia Gold is downey mildew and dry season resistant. When I planted at 1 month old, there was no water, however, it could still produce 10 MT of dried grains.Sugianto – KalibaruWetan Village, Kalibaru sub district, Banyuwangi
I have planted corn for 17 years now. For Asia Gold, I have planted it for 1 year. I planted it because it has good vigor, orange color, high yield, and fast harvest time, and also it’s dry season resistant.Kasiyanto – Munggur, Watu Sigar Ngawen