Group : Single Cross Hybrid
Plant Height : 201
Yield : 70-75%
Yield Potential per Hectare (Grain) : 10,5-12,3 MT
Local Adaptation : Middle/Low
Harvesting Time : 92 days after planting
Season : Rainy and dry season
Corn Husk : Closed
Kernel Colour : Yellow Orange


-> Adaptable in any condition

-> Lodging and disease resistant

-> High Yield

Pack size 1 kg and 5 kg



I have planted Asia 92 for the past 3 years now. I feel satisfied with the results. The plant is firm. After harvesting, the plant can still be used for food for my cattle. It has big cobs. I plant a quarter hectare and I get 1,3 MT. I suggest all farmer plant Asia 92, moreover when it is planted after rice harvesting, the yield will be very satisfying.Pak Min, Trucuk, Klaten
I am satisfied in planting Asia 92 because I can have maximal harvest because inless than 95 days old I can completely finish the harvest. Therefore, I can plant nearly 4 times a year while the others can only plant twice a year.Sugiono, Panean Village, Magetan